Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is It

It's been almost a week in Singapore. Last night, me and hubby went to Cathay to watch "Michael Jackson's This Is It" and unexpectedly, I enjoyed the movie. I'm not a fan of MJ, not even close. But I was touched by the way he tried to get the perfection of every scene and the way he treated and appreciated others. He was very humble and nice to everyone. Now I know why people love him. :)

Btw, tomorrow we have to go back to Suwon. Anyooooong! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Autumn in Suwon

I think i'm in love with autumn. Its leaves color, its dried leaves smell, its weather, and ofcourse its fashion trend. :)

Ps. That picture is absolutely not what I meant with "autumn fashion trend". That's just a picture of me enjoying the autumn. :D

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Late Update

I'm not that senile to realize that I haven't posted anything here for awhile. I was just too busy with my lebaran holiday and my books. Besides Perahu Kertas, Negeri 5 Menara, and Zaid bin Ziyadh, there's one book that absorbed my attentions. Rara Mendut. A trilogy of Rara Mendut, Genduk Duku, and Lusi Lindri, adapted from Kitab Babad Tanah Jawi by Y.B. Mangunwijaya.

For me who crazy about Javanesse Culture, this book is awesome, esp its aksara jawa philosophy. Not like other books that could be finished for 1~2 days, I read that thick book for more than a week. Brought that book here and there until its paper became rumpled and until my dentist became interest to read this book. :D

Btw, after a night 'transit' in Singapore, this morning I've arrived in Suwon. Came afterward hubby that has been here for a week. I couldn't go with him after lebaran because I still had to wait for my South Korea Visa. That visa approval gave me longer lebaran holiday in my hometown. ;;)

Well, see you later. I hope I'll write more often here to share stories like when I was a new blogger. :P